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Managed Services

Are you looking for an all in one service that offers comprehensive security monitoring and incident response requirements?

At Archlight we offer our clients the peace of mind of having a 24/7 security team that works around the clock to monitor, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks at a very competitive price taking the burden of day to day management off of your team.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Managed Security Services

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Supported SIEM Products

Supported SIEM Products

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Expertise as a Service

Archlight’s Expertise-as-a-Service is a 24×7 IT support service that remotely troubleshoots IT problems for end-clients on behalf of MSPs, MSSPs, and end-clients. The service is responsible for handling day-to-day steady state in-scope tasks, providing technical assistance and support related to computer systems, hardware, networks, and software. The goal of this service is to provide quick and efficient resolution to IT issues, ensuring minimal disruption to the end-client’s operations. This service can be tailored to the specific needs of the MSPs, MSSPs, and end-clients, including support hours, response times, and the level of expertise required. 

Patch Management

Patch Management-as-a-Service is a cloud-based solution that automates patching and updating Workstations, Laptops, Windows servers, IoT devices & Mobile phones. It allows you to centrally manage and apply patches across infrastructure, reducing the need for manual intervention. It can help minimize downtime and improve security. Archlight Patch Management automates routine tasks such as patching and updating drivers to ensure that systems are always running at optimal performance. Overall, patch management is the practice of monitoring and applying software updates to computers or servers to maintain security and reliability.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also known as Pen Testing, is a simulated cyber attack on a computer system or network to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Archlight’s Penetration Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS) uses the same tools, techniques, and methodologies as malicious hackers to simulate a real-world attack on your IT infrastructure. Unlike a real attack, our PTaaS is conducted in a controlled environment, allowing you to discover and fix problems before they can be exploited by attackers. Our PTaaS service produces a comprehensive report that not only identifies security vulnerabilities but also provides recommendations on how to improve your overall security posture. Trust Archlight’s PTaaS to keep your network secure and protect your business from real-world cyber attacks. 

Email Security-as-a-Service

Email Security-as-a-Service (ESaaS) protects many email-based threats, such as spam, phishing, malware, and ransomware. It allows organizations to focus on their core business activities while ensuring that their email communications are secure and protected from cyber threats. ESaaS is important for all-sized businesses needing more resources or expertise to manage their email security infrastructure.

SOC as a Service

SOC leverages Next-gen SIEM, AI, UBA, and Threat Intel combined with an expert cyber security team to protect your business 24×7 at a starting price less than what it would take you to hire a single security analyst.

SOC-as-a-Service is a comprehensive security solution that offers 24/7 active monitoring of internal assets, endpoints, and cloud applications to detect and proactively analyze potential threats. All solutions and assets send their logs to a centralized SIEM solution, which centrally stores and correlates the data. In the event of any anomalies or breaches, alerts are generated and passed on to SOC analysts for further investigation. These analysts then perform triage, and provide detailed alerts, incident information, recommendations, and next steps to the customer for resolution.

MFA as a Service

MFA-as-a-Service (MFAaaS) is a cloud-based service that provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) functionality to users and organizations. MFA is a security mechanism that requires users to provide two or more forms of authentication to gain access to a system or application.

Archlight MFAaaS offers organizations a convenient and secure way to implement MFA for their users without managing the infrastructure and resources required to provide MFA. Archlight manages the MFA infrastructure and provides APIs or SDKs that can be integrated into the organization’s applications or systems. MFAaaS typically offers a range of authentication methods, such as SMS-based one-time passwords, hardware and software tokens, biometrics, and other identity verification methods. These methods offer an additional layer of security and protect against various cyber threats. Overall, MFAaaS can help organizations enhance their security posture by providing an easy-to-use and scalable solution for implementing MFA across their applications and systems while reducing the cost and complexity of managing their MFA infrastructure.

MDR As A Service

Archlight’s AI Powered 24×7 MDR security services provide rapid prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, network, cloud, and IoT devices. Archlights turnkey MDR Security Services are competitively priced, starting at less than the cost of hiring a single security analyst.
MDR-as-a-Service is an outsourced cybersecurity solution that enables organizations to efficiently detect and respond to cyber threats while limiting the potential impact. This service eliminates the need for additional staff to manage incident response within the network.

Turnkey MDR security services provide organizations with all the necessary tools and experts to deploy, configure, and monitor them. The goal of 24×7 Turnkey MDR Security Services is to expedite the process of detecting and responding to cyber threats while simultaneously reducing the number of vulnerabilities in the network through the implementation of security controls and best practices.

XDR as a Service

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a cutting-edge cybersecurity service that provides comprehensive protection for your network, cloud, endpoints, and applications. XDR as a Service represents a new approach to delivering high-level security to customers. This service combines various security solutions, such as Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Network Flow Analytics, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), System X Threat Containment, and Dark Web Monitoring, to provide a more robust security posture.

XDR takes the capabilities of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to the next level by offering additional features at no additional cost, providing a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution for detecting and responding to potential threats.

Mobile Device Management-as-a-Service

MDM is a set of tools and processes used by businesses to secure, monitor, and manage mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are used for work purposes. MDMaaS offers the same capabilities as traditional MDM, including device provisioning, policy enforcement, application management, and data protection, but in a cloud-based model. This means that the MDMaaS provider takes care of the infrastructure and maintenance of the MDM platform, and customers can access the service via a web-based dashboard or mobile app.

MDMaaS can help businesses to achieve greater security and control over their mobile devices, reduce the risk of data breaches, and increase employee productivity by providing remote access to corporate resources. Additionally, MDMaaS can also help organizations to scale their mobile device management capabilities quickly and easily as their business grows or their device usage expands.


Vulnerability Management-and Patch Management-as-a-Service handle the configuration, scanning, detection, and remediation of vulnerabilities for your organization. All this turnkey security comes at a starting price less than what it would take you to hire a single security engineer.

Application Control-as-a-Service

Application Control as a Service (ACaaS) provides businesses with a cloud-based solution to manage, monitor, and control applications across their infrastructure. This service is designed to enhance security, optimize performance, and ensure compliance within the IT environment.

Cybersecurity Awareness-as-a-Service

85 percent of all successful data breaches in 2020 involved the human element.

Every organization’s first line of defense against cyber threats is its employees, but unfortunately, they’re also the weakest security link. To protect your business from cyber attacks, your employees must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to recognize cybersecurity risks such as phishing scams, password hacks, trained to respond and share information appropriately. Rigorous cybersecurity awareness training is the key to turning this human weakness into a strength.

The first step towards a more secure business is always cybersecurity awareness. It’s self-explanatory – employees can’t avoid phishing attempts if they don’t know what one looks like. Effective cybersecurity awareness training keeps all employees up-to-date on cyber threats and how to handle them. Employees can adopt best practices across all platforms by providing proactive cybersecurity training, minimizing the risk of a successful cyber attack.

SASE as a Service

Gartner introduced the concept of SASE in 2019 as a response to the growing need for a more comprehensive and unified approach to network security.

SASE combines several network security technologies, such as SD-WAN, firewall as a service (FWaaS), cloud access security broker (CASB), zero-trust network access (ZTNA), and more, into a single cloud-based service. This approach simplifies network management, improves security, and enhances user experience by offering a unified and consistent security policy across all devices and locations. With SASE, organizations can secure their network infrastructure, reduce network complexity, and streamline security operations while providing their employees with secure and flexible access to cloud applications and data. SASE is rapidly gaining popularity as more organizations adopt cloud-based applications and services and as remote work becomes more prevalent.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) investigate and responds to cyber incidents such as data breaches, network intrusions, and malware attacks. It involves collecting and analyzing digital evidence to identify the scope of the incident, contain it, and recover from it. DFIR includes various techniques and tools such as forensic imaging, malware analysis, network analysis, and log analysis. DFIR aims to minimize the damage caused by cyber incidents and prevent them from recurring.

Dark Web Monitoring

Archlight SOC is dedicated to keeping your corporate domains and employee data safe by continuously monitoring them against a database of breached data lakes on the dark web. In the event of a breach, our SOC team immediately alerts you through a triaged escalation process, led by a human analyst, and works with your team to take corrective actions. At Archlight, our mission is to make the web a safer place by disrupting darknet underground activities. Through proactively protecting our customers against stolen corporate credentials or compromised machines, we strive to prevent bad actors from profiting off of stolen corporate data.

Vishing Assessment-as-a-Service

Vishing Assessment-as-a-Service is a cutting-edge solution designed to help organizations assess their vulnerabilities to voice-based phishing attacks. Vishing, or voice phishing, is a social engineering attack in which attackers impersonate trusted entities over the phone to manipulate individuals into divulging sensitive information or performing actions that may compromise security. VAaaS provides organizations with a controlled and ethical environment to test and enhance their security awareness, policies, and procedures by simulating real-world vishing attacks.

Managed Firewall -as-a-Service

Archlight Next Generation Firewall Management-as-a-Service provides advanced firewall protection features such as intrusion prevention, malware detection, web filtering, and application control. It offers real-time visibility and control over network traffic and provides 24/7 monitoring and support, making it an excellent option for organizations that must protect their sensitive data from cyber threats with zero resource investment.

Web Filtering-as-a-Service

Web filtering software keeps track of and controls where people are surfing on the Internet, giving an organization the ability to permit or forbid online traffic in order to enforce business policy and safeguard against potential dangers.By preventing harmful domain requests and IP responses while DNS queries are resolved,
DNS filtering safeguards workers when they are not connected to the VPN. Connections are never made, and files are never downloaded by imposing security at the DNS layer. This helps stop and identify phishing, malware, the exfiltration of data over any port. and command & control (C2) callbacks. By Deploying DNS filtering helps to expose threats for better investigation and response. By delivering all this from the cloud and offers visibility and enforcement to protect users anywhere.