Internal & External Penetration Testing

Internal & External Penetration Testing

Are your organization's IT systems and network sufficiently protected against external attacks?

Archlight’s team and strategic partners have the knowledge and capabilities to conduct penetration testing (ethical hacking) that simulate the actions of a hacker or malicious insider in a real-life attack scenario. Such authorized tests are performed by ethical hackers (white hats posing as black hats) to ensure that your organization has visibility and understanding of security risks, weaknesses, and response capabilities for applications, systems, or networks allowing action to be taken to protect your assets from damage before it’s too late.

Technical assessments alone are simply not enough to defend against cyberattacks. People are the central component of any company process, and are often the primary gateway to sensitive data and processes Social engineering has become a very successful method for attackers to gain entry into a targeted organization. Once the access is gained, an attacker can easily then search through an organization’s network for sensitive information. Social engineers typically have two goals:

  • Data theft – in which attackers seek valuable or sensitive information or money

  • Data Sabotage – Attackers may seek to destroy and/or disrupt a victim’s environment with the intention of causing as much harm as possible.

Our team can perform numerous testing scenarios for your organization, including intelligence gathering from your environment through phone calls and phishing techniques. Conducting robust social engineering exercises reduces the total risk surface and exposes critical vulnerabilities in your organization and tests the efficacy of the organizational training and awareness programs.

Our experts will provide you with action items that will be tailored specifically to your organization to ultimately safeguard your environment from both internal and external threats.