Medical Device Security Assessments and IoT Security

Medical Device Security Assessments and IoT Security

82% of healthcare organizations that have so far deployed medical IoT devices have experienced cyberattacks against those products - putting patient data at risk and undermining confidence in the industry. In addition, according to Frost & Sullivan’s Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) forecast to 2021report, by 2020, 30 billion connected IoT and medical devices are expected to be a part of the healthcare ecosystem.

Whether you’re creating a new IoT/medical product or deploying a medical device, our experienced and skilled consultants will help you identify risk and vulnerabilities and apply solutions to mitigate security issues across your medical device & IoT ecosystem.

From managing a large inventory of devices to conducting vulnerability scans on medical and IoT devices, healthcare organizations face many challenges in ensuring all their critical devices are effectively secured. Our team at Archlight has extensive experience conducting comprehensive risk assessments to give you insights on your most vulnerable areas. We can help you build an effective and robust medical and IoT device security program to protect you from attackers.

Through proven security and privacy-by-design principals, Archlight can help you identify and assist in the remediation of security and privacy issues throughout the device lifecycle. Archlight’s risk assessments are designed to meet your organization’s specific business needs. Partnering with Archlight will greatly improve your medical equipment’s security posture and ensure your customers, and patients are well protected.

Archlight provides several service offerings for medical and IoT devices:

  • Medical Device and IoT Inventory & Risk Assessment

  • Medical and IoT Device Security Program Development

  • Policy & Procedure Review Program Development

  • Medical Device Security Remediation.

  • Medical Device Roadmap Development

Whether you are in the early phase of development or are already deep in production, Archlight can help secure and protect your medical and IoT devices from compromise of an attack and stay ahead of the competition.