Phishing Campaign and Security Awareness

Phishing Campaign and Security Awareness

Increase your organization and your customers’ confidence by obtaining a SOC 2 report.

85 percent of all successful data breaches in 2020 involved the human element.

Every organization’s first line of defense against cyber threats is its employees, but unfortunately, they’re also the weakest security link. To protect your business from cyber attacks, your employees must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to recognize cybersecurity risks such as phishing scams, password hacks, trained to respond and share information appropriately. Rigorous cybersecurity awareness training is the key to turning this human weakness into a strength.

 The first step towards a more secure business is always cybersecurity awareness. It’s self-explanatory – employees can’t avoid phishing attempts if they don’t know what one looks like. Effective cybersecurity awareness training keeps all employees up-to-date on cyber threats and how to handle them. Employees can adopt best practices across all platforms by providing proactive cybersecurity training, minimizing the risk of a successful cyber attack.